Lifelines DAG3

Lifelines DAG3

what is Lifelines DAG3?

There is increasing insight into the role of bacterial composition in the intestine and upon the occurrence of (chronic) diseases. Previous research in Lifelines DEEP demonstrated the relation of the microbiome and lipids, but also many other diseases and intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

The purpose of DAG3 is to gather additional data and biological samples from Lifelines participants to answer  research questions such as: ‘What is the role of the microbiome in the occurrence of chronic diseases?’, and ‘What is the relation between  genetic variants, methylation, gene expression and metabolite levels?’ Of course more research questions can be answered based on the materials collected in DAG3, which are available for researchers worldwide.

Previously we collected additional biological samples in 1500 Lifelines participants to allow analysis of the microbiome, (epi)genome, transcriptome, metabolome and other biological levels. This sub-cohort Lifelines DEEP allows for new insights into disease mechanisms and future potential therapeutic prevention methods.
In DAG3 we scaled up the number of participants as well as the number of microbiome sample sites. We have collected these extra biological samples in 10,000 Lifelines participants.

The (molecular) data that will be generated based on the DAG3 materials (hundreds of thousands of phenotypes) will be deposited in the Lifelines database and will be available for researchers worldwide.

The study was initiated by the department of Genetics of the Universty Medical Center Groningen.

collected data and samples

In this study, we have collected additional data and biological samples among 10,000 Lifelines participants from 8 years of age and older; 700 children (8-17 years old) have participated, 400 participants in DAG3 also participated in Lifelines DEEP.

Collected biological samples Number of collected samples
Fecal cryo samples 30,000
Fecal DNA 30,000
MGS data ...
Live fecal samples (glycerol) 20,000
Throat samples 10,000
Live throat swabs (glycerol) 30,000
Tongue samples 10,000  
Live tongue swabs (glycerol) 30,000  
Nose samples 10,000
Live Nose swabs 30,000
Blood PAXgene samples



  • Rome lll
  • Diary gut health


collected data and samples

additional information

If you would like to know more about Lifelines DAG3 in general or about the available data and samples, please contact Lifelines:, phone: +31 50 361 58 03.