data and samples

All samples are safely stored under the right conditions.

data and samples

collected data and samples

Lifelines is building a biobank and databank of enormous proportions. Using questionnaires and physical measurements, data and biological samples have been and are still being collected. Data concern lifestyle, health, personality, working and living environment, and biological samples include blood, faeces, urine and hair. In addition, the height, weight, blood pressure, heart rhythm, lung function and cognitive ability of the participants are measured.

Go to the section on the structure of the Lifelines cohort study for more details.


lifelines catalogue

The Lifelines catalogue comprises an overview of the available data. Please make a selection before submitting an application to Lifelines. Read more about the application under Application Process. This section also contains further information on the option of collecting additional data and/or biological samples.

storage of samples

All samples are safely stored under the right conditions in the state-of-the-art Lifelines Lifestore, an automated storage system. Even after many years of storage the biological samples can be used for scientific purposes.