Data workshop and Lifestore visit


- by Marrit van der Burgh

Are you planning a research proposal? Do you need more information about the available data and how to get access? If so, please sign up for our next workshop on Tuesday 17th September, from 11.00 - 13.00. This workshop will include a demonstration of our virtual analysis environment (‘workspace’) and a tour of our Lifestore. Lunch will be included.

Learn more about our data

During this session we will show you about the ins and outs of our data management. First we explain which specific data is available and how one gets access to the Lifelines cohort. Then we take a sneak peek in our workspace and elaborate on how this type of big data is being worked with. For example, what the structure of Lifelines data (SPSS) looks like and how we work in the workspace.

Discuss your research ideas with us

Feel free to discuss how Lifelines data can be used in your research or how you can incorporate Lifelines into your grant proposal. We are happy to help you thinking about the options.

Sign up

To sign up for this Data Workshop - or if you have any questions - please send an email to
We are looking forward to meet you!


Lifestore at Jeverweg 3a in Groningen
Lifestore at Jeverweg 3a in Groningen