Lifelines and Certe join forces


- by Yara Poel

The third assessment of Lifelines will start in October this year. To collect data and biomaterials for this assessment, Lifelines will collaborate with Certe: an organisation for medical diagnostics and advice in the north of the Netherlands. 167.000 Lifelines participants will be invited over a period of 5 years to visit a Certe location.

Data and sample collection
On selected locations Certe staff will perform physical measurements (such as height, weight, blood pressure, lung function, ECG) and collect biomaterials according to standardized Lifelines protocols. The measurements and biomaterials will be quality checked and processed by Lifelines, and biomaterials will be stored in the Lifestore, consistent with previous assessments. Lifelines and Certe both strive for optimal consistency, so that research projects relying on longitudinal assessments can continue as planned.

Why this collaboration?
The north of the Netherlands is a well-known forerunner in the field of healthy ageing. Lifelines and Certe share the ambition to contribute to a healthier society and to strengthen healthcare in the North, now and in the future. In addition, there are practical reasons to collaborate: since Lifelines locations were closed after the completion of the second assessment in 2017, the biobank had to look for a professional organization that could offer the required service and quality at locations in the north of the Netherlands. Lifelines found a good fit in Certe.

Smart together
Our collaboration begins with the smart, teamwise organization of the third assessment, with innovation and efficiency as central components. Certe has an extensive network of locations in the north of the Netherlands that are suitable for Lifelines assessments. If possible, more locations will be added. Lifelines participants will be in good hands, as Certe has an experienced and qualified staff and meets the highest quality standards. Of course, the privacy of Lifelines participants and patients of Certe will be properly protected.