request overview

Many requests from researchers have already been approved by LifeLines.

request overview

Prediction of pregnancy outcome: A Lifelines start of healthy ageing.
Primary applicant: Erwich, UMCG, Groningen.  Scientific approval: 2016

Determinants and health consequences of participation in voluntary work.
Primary applicant: Smidt, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

PAGE (Physical activity, functioning, training and AGE (Advanced Glycation Endproducts)).
Primary applicant: Zwerver, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

Big Data: innovative knowledge versus threats to personal integrity.
Primary applicant: Stolk, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

Markers of Imminent Myocardial Infarction (MIMI).
Primary applicant: Sundström, Uppsala University, Uppsala. Scientific approval: 2016

Development of the food frequency questionnaire (FFQ), the “Flower FFQ, and dietary intake within Lifelines.
Primary applicant: Feskens, WuR, Wageningen. Scientific approval: 2016

The Effect of Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy on Offspring Overweight, Obesity, and Problem Behaviours over the Early Lifecourse.
Primary applicant: Pfinder, University Bremen/BIPS, Bremen. Scientific approval: 2016

Relation between total protein intake, dairy- and non-dairy protein intake, total dairy intake and intake of dairy product groups and estimates of muscle mass in the adult population.
Primary applicant: Bakker, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

Understanding different approaches of harmonization using individual participant data to investigate the determinants associated with age at menopause.
Primary applicant: Fortier, Research Institute – McGill University Health Center, Montreal. Scientific approval: 2016

Comorbid Conditions of Attention deficit / hyperactive disorders (CoCA).
Primary applicant: Hartman, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

GWAS meta-analysis of average sleep duration and chronotype using the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (MCTQ).
Primary applicant: Esko, University of Tartu, Tartu. Scientific approval: 2016

The aetiology of single and complex functional somatic syndromes.
Primary applicant: Rosmalen, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

The influence of localized prescription glucocorticoids on long-term weight gain and associated cardiometabolic disturbances, neurocognitive function and depression.
Primary applicant: van Rossum, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, Rotterdam. Scientific approval: 2016

Impact of chronic diseases and chronic disease risk factors on work role functioning and labor market participation.
Primary applicant: Abma, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

Pharmacogenetically relevant SNP’s and the use of medication in the Lifelines population.
Primary applicant: Sijmons, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

Dry eye disease: prevalence, determinants, and genetics.
Primary applicant: Vehof, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

Exploring the genetics of irritable bowel syndrome: the "bellygenes" initiative.
Primary applicant: D'Amato, Karolinski Institutet, Stockholm. Scientific approval: 2016

Genetic origins of allergic diseases.
Primary applicant: Koppelman, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

The co-evolution of well-being and the kinship network after parental divorce.
Primary applicant: van Duijn, RuG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2016

Metabolic pathways of increased cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes.
Primary applicant: Wolffenbuttel, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

Genetics extension proposal: Candidate gene SNP analyses in Healthy Obesity Project.
Primary applicant: Yuille, University of Manchester, Manchester. Scientific approval: 2015

Prevalence and determinants of microalbuminuria in children.
Primary applicant: Lambers Heerspink, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

Chronic kidney disease and renal function: the role of socioeconomic status and genetic predisposition.
Primary applicant: Snieder, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

Effects of road traffic noise and air pollution on diabetes and obesity in European cohorts: a harmonized approach in the BioSHaRE project.
Primary applicant: Kvaloy, NTNU HUNT Researchcentre, Levanger. Scientific approval: 2015

Meta-Analysis on PCSK9 as a Target for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Events.
Primary applicant: Schmidt, University College London, London. Scientific approval: 2015

Biological, lifestyle, social demographic and exposure factors during the female reproductive age related to healthy ageing.
Primary applicant: Hoek, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

LL NEXT, prenatal and early life data in Lifelines.
Primary applicant: Scherjon, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

GWAS of several Calcium-related traits for inclusion in meta-GWAS for the CalciGen consortium.
Primary applicant: Snieder, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

Age stratified analysis of the relation between (genetic risk scores of) LDL and coronary heart disease for the CHARGE CHD consortium.
Primary applicant: Trompet, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

The impact of the Groningen earthquakes on psycho-social well-being and health.
Primary applicant: Stroebe, RuG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

Association of VEGF Genetic Variants with human traits.
Primary applicant: Alizadeh, UMCG, Groningen. Scientific approval: 2015

Nutrient density as a measure of diet quality and associations with cardio-metabolic risk factors over the lifecourse.
Primary applicant: Sluik, Wageningen Universiteit (WUR), Wageningen. Scientific approval: 2015